6 responses to “Window Seats”

    1. Katrina says:

      This is just too pretty! Can’t wait to have my own house someday! Well, that’s if I afford it! LOL

      With love from the Philippines,
      The forever curious Katrina

    2. Sara says:

      When I was little I used to call these “Nook Windows”. I always wanted one and never knew what they were actually called, haha! I still dream of having one in my home someday.

    3. angie says:

      I’m in love with window seats! unrelated note: I just got a puppy and he’s totally going to grow up to look like the dog in the photo with the records.

    4. Mina Aradski says:

      I always wanted a window seat!! 😀 Ah, hope i get one eventually… :)

    5. Love them all! The desk/window seat combo is definitely my fav though. Great post :)

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