This or that: Vegetarian or meat?

I love animals of all kinds and I couldn’t kill ANY. Do you know that I save all spiders and flies that mess around in my flat? I usually catch them in a little plastic box and let them out on the balcony (lucky ones, right?).

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But am I a vegetarian due to the love of all animals factor? Not really. Although I prefer vegetables, I can’t say no to a few nice bites of chicken or beef on occasion but then I ask myself if it’s moral to eat animals. Maybe I will go vegetarian one day, but for right now I have to be honest and answer: I am a meat eater. – Asia

How about you? Are you a vegetarian or meat eater? (or perhaps thinking about going veggie?)

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    1. micaela says:

      This topic is so apropos because my 4-year anniversary of being a vegetarian was just last Thursday! I never was a big meat eater, so giving up all meat and seafood for good was a pretty easy transition. Vegetarianism has gotten me (and my mom because she makes dinner hehe) to get more creative when it comes to recipes. It’s also gotten me to try new foods; I’ve tried pretty much every vegetable under the sun! – Micaela

    2. I’m a carnivore through and through, in fact I only eat about 3 vegetables because I hate the taste of green (it’s a thing). I have no problem eating meat so long as the animals have been cared for and killed humanely. In fact my Mum is regularly delivered a sheep carcass from her local farmer (who’s land surrounds their house) that she carves up and freezes until needed so I’m sure the sentiment was passed on from a young age.

    3. Olive says:

      I never loved meat so when I grew up I choosed to be a vegetarian. My reasons? For the love of the vegetables, the cooking and the environment. Now I found a man who is allergic to meat and he works in a vegetable marché so it is just perfect. I think that to be a vegetarian the only thing important is to loooove cooking, because each night you have to cook and be aware to eat all the proteins you need.

      Olive xox

    4. Amanda says:

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating meet, i mean other species of animals besides humans does it. It’s the whole industry of it that i think is wrong. You should never make an industry out of living things. I eat meet but only from animals i know has been raised in a natural enivrement and has been killed in a merciful way. Technically the way i eat meet is not any different from a lion chasing down a zebra and sharing it. Technically.

    5. Viper says:

      I don’t really like red meat, but I love fish way too much to ever be full vegetarian!

    6. Catharina de Groot says:

      I am a vegetarian since 8 years and I hadn’t any problems not eating meat and haven’t any now.
      I think the problem of the question of getting a vegetarian or not is that most of all think being a vegetarian means to eat vegetables. What do meat eater eat? Only meat? Of course not, everyone needs to eat vegetables, meat eater as well. Vegetarians need to eat meat alternatives, for example Tofu, Quorn, beans, mushrooms or cheese. And it isn’t more complicated to cook vegetarian in my opinion.

    7. Ron McQuade says:

      I’ve always been a vegetarian, I was bought up one and I’ve never really been tempted by meat. Whenever I talk to people about it, they seem to be afraid that I’m going to give them a talk about how bad meat is but I don’t really want to preach, I just ask them to think about where they buy their meat and seriously consider more ethical forms of meat rather than the super cheap stuff from the supermarkets. I do hate being asked about where I get my protein though, that’s my biggest pet peeve!

      • micaela says:

        Wow! So you’ve never eaten meat before?! I’ve only known one other person who was brought up a vegetarian and never ate meat before. And yes, everyone ALWAYS asks me where I get my protein too.

    8. Susan says:

      I went vegetarian in high school but when I started college it was just easier to start eating meat again. So I’m a meat eater turned vegetarian turned meat eater! 😛

    9. Karina says:

      I recently became a vegan (at least trying to be) after having been a vegetarian for 12 years or so. I am so happy not eating meat and supporting such a cruel industry as it has become today. I don’t think eating meat can be justified in any way in today’s world (at least in the west). Being a vegan or a vegetarian is so easy, so much healthier (avoiding germs and all kinds of antibiotics that are fed to animals that you would in turn eat), and so much more environmentally friendly.

      I am really glad to see that recently so many people have started opening their eyes to being vegetarians or vegans.

    10. rebecca says:

      I’m a vegetarian, because I love animals too much. I’ve been a vegetarian since the beginning of October 2012. Before that I just ate fish or chicken because I didn’t like red meat. But when I left home, I became a full-time vegetarian because it hurt so much for the animals.

    11. Closetta says:

      I’m a meat eater.
      I love vegetables more than meat, and I really feel sick not being able to eat leaves, but a slice of a matchbox of meat wouldn’t hurt I guess.

    12. Genna says:

      I’m a vegetarian, but I have no problems with people eating meat. I find it funny sometimes when I’m around meat eaters and they act like I’ll be offended if I see them eat meat. It’s really not that big of a deal 😉

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