Imaginary Outfits: Summer Wedding Soiree

imaginary outfits: summer wedding soiree - drifter and the gypsy

Hi friends, it’s Mary again – shopkeeper of Millay Vintage – here to bring you my fifth installment of this fun Imaginary Outfits collaboration.

After RSVPing to my fourth wedding invitation for this summer already, I realized, as a twenty-something, these seasonal fêtes have become part of the regular summer programming. And thus lots of you twenty – and thirty – somethings just might benefit from the checklist I use when wrangling my summer wedding event wardrobe. Here are my DOs and DON’Ts:

* Pick something unique : Avoid the big-box go-tos — Anthropologie, J. Crew, Madewell — and invest in a vintage frock instead. Vintage will always ensure that no one else will be your twin that night.
* Avoid strapless dresses. Trust me. They can be very pretty and very flattering, yes, but with open bars and good music at most weddings, let yourself have some fun and bypass the whole having-to-pull-your-dress-back-up-all-night tirade. And while you’re at it, pick some comfy, lower to mid-heel shoes. Your feet will thank you.
* Stay away from dresses that are too traditionally formal (unless its a black tie affair I suppose). Stretch your dollar its furthest by investing in a piece that translates beyond wedding events — pick a dress you’ll want to wear on date nights, dinner with the girls, or whatever else you find filling your social calendar.
* Keep it simple. Simple jewelry, a neutral tote, and a neutral lip will not only keep you looking natural and lovely, but will allow you to re-purpose your accessories with nearly any other outfit.

So there you have it, my go-to rules for special events (and just a little hint, these are basically my go-to rules for any outfit). What about you guys, are there any guidelines you stick to when investing in pieces and dressing yourself for weddings and more?

vintage dress (via free people)
another feather necklace
terrain bracelet
nyx lipstick (via nasty gal)
maryam nassir zadeh palma heels (via mille)
clare v. bag (via steven alan)

Mary (Imaginary Outfits contributor)

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Wallflower Giveaway – CLOSED

wallflower giveaway - drifter and the gypsy blog

I first came across the shop Wallflower through Instagram when I fell in love with its air plant crystals (I want one so badly!).

Wallflower is a brand new shop in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, selling both vintage and modern things for the home.

wallflower giveaway - drifter and the gypsy blog

Victoria, owner of Wallflower, is giving away 1 amethyst air plant crystal (regularly $68) to 1 lucky reader.

The air plant crystal (including plant) measures 5 inches in length, width and height.

wallflower giveaway - drifter and the gypsy blog

“Amethyst’s ability to expand the higher mind also enhances one’s creativity and passion. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thought into action, and brings projects to fruition.” - Crystal Vaults

Air plant crystals require watering 1-2 times per week by spray bottle or running only the plant part under gentle tap water for a minute. This is an amethyst crystal, with a tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant.

wallflower giveaway - drifter and the gypsy blog
wallflower giveaway - drifter and the gypsy blog

- Leave a comment on this post (1st entry!)

– Follow Wallflower on TwitterFacebook and/or Instagram & leave a separate comment for each social media site, saying which you followed (up to 3 bonus entries)
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Please note: For bonus entries, simply leave an extra comment stating which platform you are following. For instance, if you followed Drifter & the Gypsy on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, AND followed Wallflower on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would get 6 bonus entries in addition to your first general entry, making it a grand total of 7 entries.

**Open to all readers, international included, so anyone can enter!**

A winner will be randomly drawn via next Friday, May 23rd at 10 am PDT.

UPDATE: Winner is comment #22: Luci. Congrats! I will be in contact with you via email shortly.

SF Blogshop

sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog
sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog

Last month, I had the privilege of interning for Blogshop. If you’re not familiar with Blogshop, you should really check it out. Co-founded by Bri Emery and Angela Kohler, Blogshop is a 2-day intensive class that teaches Photoshop for bloggers. It’s a great way to help you build your blog, online presence and and brand. Bri and Angela have taught Blogshop workshops all over the world, including Paris, Sydney, NYC, LA, and San Francisco.

sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog
sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog
sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog

I had a blast working with two other interns (hey Molly and Natalie!) in helping set up the space and answering the students’ questions while they worked. I was nervous someone was going to ask me a Photoshop question I didn’t know the answer to, but (thankfully) most of their questions were basic. Huzzah!

sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog
sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog
sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog

If you’ve never touched Photoshop or are just looking for a good way to brush-up on your skills, I highly recommend taking Blogshop. I already knew quite a bit about Photoshop, but this class taught me a ton of tricks and timesavers I never knew about. You can see what cities they are headed to next or even take Blogshop in the comforts of your home.

sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog
sf blogshop - drifter and the gypsy blog

photos by angela kohler via designlovefest (except photo photo six which is from my Instagram feed)


poppies - drifter and the gypsy blog

This magical place on a hill just a few minutes away from where I live. My mom went on a morning run there a few weeks ago and told me there were a bunch of poppies in bloom. A few weeks later, we took these outfit pictures. I was so scared that the poppies wouldn’t be there anymore (the daffodils dried up just a week after I took these pictures!), but they were still alive and well.

Speaking of alive and well, also alive and well were bugs! There were a BUNCH of mosquitos flying around when we took these pictures. The things you’ll do for pictures I’ll tell ya. (at least they weren’t bees. there was this one time I was stung 5 times by walking into a field of flowers. I think I must have walked into a bee’s nest? not fun.)

poppies - drifter and the gypsy blog

And oh hey, I’ve got a forehead! I think this is the first time I’m wearing my bangs pulled back on the blog.

I love this dress from Free People because it’s super loose and flowy and comfy. It also has an open back which you can see here that makes it a little fancier than just the everyday casual dress.

poppies - drifter and the gypsy blog
poppies - drifter and the gypsy blog
poppies - drifter and the gypsy blog

idle wild dress is c/o free people and all accessories are borrowed from my mom

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