Happy list

I know what you’re thinking: happy lists are for Fridays. Which is partly true because there are so many reasons to be happy on Fridays. But why can’t they be at the beginning of the week too? Let’s celebrate everyday, my friends!

Here are a few things that have made me happy, courtesy of my Instagram feed, and brought to you on a Tuesday.

happy list - drifter and the gypsy blog

1. My study buddy / 2. Working with pastels

3 & 4. Sketching my photographs (can anyone spy which photos these are?)

happy list - drifter and the gypsy blog

5. Lunch dates with my mom / 6. A lovely package from SheInside

7. Mini flowers for my mini basket / 8. New iPad case from The Snugg (in the loveliest color blue!)

9. Craftsman style homes in Rockridge / 10. Playing with my fruit (video version can be found here)

A few non-photographed things that have made me happy:

– The groundhog predicts an early spring! (which essentially means nothing, but still…)
– Drifter & the Gypsy was featured at Altitude Design Summit as an ‘up and coming’ blog
Creating art I’m proud of

What has made YOU happy lately?

    16 responses to “Happy list”

    1. Beth says:

      Well, you already know this, I wish it sounded more artsy, but alas….
      frogs and peach tea make me very happy!
      : )

    2. Kimberley says:

      Beautiful drawings! I wish I could do that!

    3. Mel says:

      What a good idea. We need more inspiring lists on Tuesday! I’m always brimming with inspiration on Fridays 😉

    4. Maria says:

      These sandwiches just made me sigh. Oh, I’m hungry!

    5. nonarinii says:

      i love your sketch <3, and your black cat jumper is so cute <3

    6. cristina says:

      this is so lovely. you are lovely.

      i recently lost a beloved dog.. so lately I have been lookin gto magical imagery, warming teas, and my mother’s strength to make me happy. take care lovely !

    7. Kathryn says:

      your sketching is beautiful!
      I love everyday but that could be because study hasn’t come back yet…updating my blog, cooking pizza for dinner tonight, writing more, those are a few things making me happy lately. :)

    8. Alana says:

      I love your ‘Happy List’ I do a post ‘The World through my Galaxy Note’ & my photos always include similar things :)

    9. It made me happy that the sun came out for a bit a couple of days ago! haha



    10. Mascha Lina says:

      Nice drawings!

      Xo maschalina (maschalina designs)


    11. Genna says:

      I am happy for sunny weather.

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