Geometric Pattern Pillow

It’s Lauren from Blooming Leopold, here with my first sewing DIY post on Drifter & the Gypsy!

geometric pattern pillow - drifter and the gypsy blog

Today I’m skipping the sewing in favor of a fabric paint DIY. Neil and I just bought a new couch and needed some new pillows for it, so I bought a white cotton cushion cover from Ikea and set about painting it with a geometric pattern. This tutorial will also work on a tea towel or even a blouse, so feel free to be creative with it.

geometric pattern pillow - drifter and the gypsy blog

What you need for this project – fabric paint (I used Speedball black and Pebeo gold), painters or masking tape, paint brush, an iron, and your cushion cover or tea towel. Use this project on a natural fabric like linen or cotton for best results.

This project has only 3 steps!

geometric pillow pattern - drifter and the gypsy blog

1. Start taping your fabric. To create a geometric pattern, simply layer long strips of tape in straight lines from different angles, overlapping one another and creating shapes in the process… triangles, rectangles, hexagons, etc. I also outlined the cover in tape at the stitching so the edges wouldn’t have any paint on them.

geometric pattern pillow - drifter and the gypsy blog

2. Paint! If you’re painting a cover, line the inside with cardboard or kraft paper to make sure the paint doesn’t leak through to the other side. Allow to dry for at least an hour. Once dry, pull off the tape.

3. Speedball and Pebeo are both heat-set paints, so they require an iron to make the paint permanent – the instructions say to iron the wrong side of the fabric once the project is dry, but I like to iron over a scrap bit of fabric (muslin) on the right side instead. Either way works. Make sure to let the iron sit on every inch of the cover for a few seconds.

geometric pattern pillow - drifter and the gypsy blog

And it’s done! Hope this helps you out with an afternoon project, and feel free to post questions or comments below. See you guys next month! – Lauren

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    19 responses to “Geometric Pattern Pillow”

    1. Vivika Vain says:

      Nice tutorial! I looks very easy to make, I think I’ll try it!

    2. Megan says:

      I love this idea! Your colors work really well with the geometric pattern. Did the paint cover evenly or can you see your brush marks?

      • hey megan! actually the paint went on very evenly – no brush marks, especially with the speedball paint. you can see the grain of the pillow texture through the paint but that was an intentional look on my part, to not cover it completely so you can sometimes see little white dots (like the grain of an old newspaper image).

        glad you like the project!

    3. oh, this seems so neat and actually not as hard as i would have though! this might go well in my living room!

      lindsey louise

    4. Genna says:

      OMG I love this! So simple AND easy and cute.

    5. Chloe Moon says:

      Wow, it’s incredible what you can do with painter’s tape!!!!

    6. I really like geometric patterns. I wish I was as crafty as you

    7. Camila says:

      Wow that looks really simple and fast, I will definitely try to do it myself :)

    8. criscrascrus says:

      WOW!! really cool, really easy, I have to try it!!

    9. Dawn says:

      It looks so simple; this is going on my to do list.

    10. Birdy says:

      Love it! I’m gonna do this tomorrow.

    11. jun says:

      love this tutorial! cos you made it sounds so easy. thanks for sharing it.

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