Flying houses

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How rad is this photo by Laurent Chehere? The floating adds a calming feeling to it, don’t you think? (kind of reminds me of Up too, even though I have yet to see the movie). It’s part of a photo series called Flying Houses, which you can view here.

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    1. ha ha, it reminded me about up too though i havent seen it either. also it radiates peacefullnes.

      Thanks for your comment. that hair is a long gone now :) i am getting my natural haircolour back. it is in the progress as seen here :

      It’s been so long so i am not even sure the colour. it was darkish brown but i think nowadays its lighter.. let it see when it grows! :)

    2. This is lovely. You definitely need to see Up, I’m not a big fan of animations but I adored that movie.

    3. Julia says:

      Oh Godness, it’s amaziiiing! 😀 I’m in love.

    4. Genna says:

      Great concept.

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