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Imaginary Outfits: For the Festival

This past weekend put festivals on the mind — between the beautiful sunny and warm weather and the first weekend kick-off of Coachella, I found myself turning the music up a bit louder and dusting off the spring and summer garments. While there are plenty of great Coachella style tips out there, I thought “why not put together one option that doesn’t resort to denim cutoffs”? Because one can certainly where some cutoffs and Converse high-tops with style (and in truth, I love me the latter — my Chucks are well worn and loved), but they aren’t the *only* option.

imaginary outfits: for the festival

When it comes to music festivals, I like to be in comfy shoes and clothes that breathe — so flat sandals and a flowy dress make perfect sense to me. I want to feel that breeze while I eat my funnel cakes and sway to my favorite bands. And most of all, I want outfit pieces that can double up throughout the year for occasions outside the music festival variety. So here’s a winning combo, don’t you think?

When all else fails, go simple and stack on some rings and bracelets and you’ll be set.

dress: two new york, ring: shari dixon, stacking rings: vrai & oro, sunglasses: oliver peoples, bag: jujumade, bracelet: jo handbags, shoes: pieces

Mary (Imaginary Outfits contributor)

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Imaginary Outfits: Singin’ in the Rain

Oh Singin’ in the Rain: a classic. Do I take issue with the general portrayal of women in this movie? Yes. But it is a 1950s film, so remembering its historical context helps me better understand the intense conditioning of gender limitations imposed on women in that film. And in broader strokes, older films like Singin’ in the Rain remind me to continue to be critical of the expectations still held of women today while also appreciating the large strides women have made over the past several decades in bridging the gender gap.

imaginary outfits: singin in the rain - drifter and the gypsy blog

Okay, so all of that aside, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty that is Singin’ in the Rain. A 1952 film that is full of songs, fantastic choreography, and a darling (NO REALLY, DARLING!) vintage wardrobe. They tap dance in the rain, eagerly twirling around in puddles, getting drenched, feeling like they can take on the world and ain’t no rain gonna stop them from doing so. That type of joy is stupendously contagious and makes me excited for all the pending downfalls of rain that April is known for. So grab your trench, leave the umbrella, and get out there and have some fun!

Want to look good doing it? Thought so. This outfit should do the trick, don’t you think? And if you want to give Singin’ in the Rain a watch to get you in the mood, you can watch the full film here for free. You’re welcome! ;)

Happy April sweet friends, do tell what you’ll be wearing when the showers start falling outside in the comments if you’d like!

earrings // top // skirt // trench coat // hat // shoes


(Imaginary Outfits contributor)

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A Spring Morning at the Farmer’s Market

Hi there! I’m Mary, I run the online vintage boutique Millay Vintage, and I’m thrilled to be teaming up with the talented Drifter and the Gypsy crew where I’ll be taking over this “Imaginary Outfits” column for a six-part series over the next few months. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

a spring morning at the farmers market - drifter and the gypsy blog

With the official start of spring right around the corner, I’ve got morning markets on the mind. Something about them engenders a sense of romance and creativity as you walk through the aisles meeting local vendors and artisans, picking out new potted herbs, flowers, and some produce for the week. That said, an outfit that makes one feel both lovely and comfortable is necessary…and a spring morning— where its not quite hot but not quite cold anymore either— seems the perfect time to sport the enduring jumpsuit.

This one from Elizabeth Suzann looks divine, and the Elizabeth and James blouse layered over and left unbuttoned subtly wards off the slight chill in the air while also adding that ethereal je ne sais quoi to the outfit. And let’s not forget a market tote to throw all the goods in while walking about!

So I’ll meet you at the market loves, where I’ll be waiting with a coffee and croissant in hand ready to mosey around with you. First stop, the flower stand: do we agree on that?

sources: hat // blouse // locket necklace // jumpsuit // bag // sandals // belt // floral photo

Mary (Imaginary Outfits contributor)

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Easy Summer

It has been one very busy summer and it’s mostly been lots of work and little play. I’m longing for a weekend (or week long!) getaway to somewhere peaceful and quiet. A little lakeside town perhaps where I can wake up in the morning, walk over to a cafe, read the news in quiet solitude, and then spend the rest of the day wandering about town or drinking Arnold Palmers on a wraparound porch. Sounds so idyllic…

easy summer - drifter and the gypsy blog

For weekend getaways I always try to pack as light as possible and will often only pack 1 or 2 pairs of shoes. I used to own several pairs of shoes, but as I’ve grown older (and perhaps wiser) I’ve learned to invest in a few key pairs of shoes that go with an abundance of items in my wardrobe. These black sandals are perfect with dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts.

What are some of your weekend getaway staples?

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The Market in June

This weekend a dear friend and I are taking a day trip to a coastal city to visit the summer antique market here in California. We plan on leaving bright and early in the morning, grabbing some coffee and croissants, and then driving along scenic the Pacific Coast Highway before arriving at our destination. Doesn’t that just sound so marvelous? I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday!

market in june - drifter and the gypsy blog

This outfit reminds me both of the coast and of an antique market. Grey blue stripes on the dress and delicate vintage inspired florals on the scarf. I’m absolutely crazy about this Madewell dress (pictured below) which unfortunately is now sold out, but goodness, it just looks perfect with all the other things, doesn’t it? And of course when one will be shopping at an antique fair all day, one should wear comfortable shoes! This pair from Zara will go with basically anything in your spring/summer wardrobe and look very wearable for all day walking!

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City of roses

Last winter I visited Portland for the first time and found it rainy, cold, and utterly charming. And very, very green.

Last week I visited Portland again and was so surprised that the entire city is flocked with roses all throughout the city! I mean, it should have been obvious, it is called “The City of Roses”. I think I gasped in wonder every time we’d go round a bend and I would be greeted by dozens of rose bushes lining the streets. And not just roses, but so many flowers of every kind cover the lawns of practically every home we drove by. Does everyone garden in Portland? Do they all have the greenest thumbs?

city of roses - drifter and the gypsy blog

It didn’t rain a drop during this visit and so every day I was pleased to wear breezy skirts, sandals, and a hat to shade my eyes from the sunshine. Oh yes, the sun does shine in Oregon!  - Rodellee

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imaginary outfits is a weekly column curated by rodellee. for more imaginary outfits click on over here!


Fresh Breeze

Last week we had this super crazy hot day in Southern California. It was so uncharacteristically hot that my brain was barely functioning. Luckily, this whole entire week it has been nothing but lovely, lovely weather and I’m feeling more inspired and motivated to start new projects!

fresh breeze - drifter and the gypsy blog

I’ve taken to opening both the front and back doors of my vintage studio to let a funnel of cool beach breeze circulate through the space. Outside are big stalks of bamboo and the rustling sound they make is so calming and peaceful and provides a nice background sound to my early morning coffee drinking and journaling ritual.

What has been inspiring you lately?

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imaginary outfits is a weekly column curated by rodellee. for more imaginary outfits click on over here!

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