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Imaginary Outfits: Brunch Wares

Hello there! Rachel of Mousevox here with another edition of Imaginary Outfits.

imaginary outfits: brunch wares - drifter and the gypsy blog
jasper and bronze globe necklace from cities in dust on etsy // rachel comey dazze boot via tenoversix // dusen dusen triad shift dress via bonadrag // backpack iii pink by mum & co on etsy // karen walker joyous sunglasses in gold glitter via eyegoodies // hansel from basel drippy crew socks via need supply co.

This weekend, I’m attending a brunch with friends and I’m now starting to give thought about what to wear. Maximum comfort for more focused eating is a must, so I know I’ll keep things more on the simple side. A shift dress (lots of room for eating!) with minimal accessories keeps things less fussy and makes for an altogether more comfortable dining experience. Little touches, such as interesting pieces of jewelry & a pair of quirky socks, can make a simple look a bit more eye-catching without being too flashy. And don’t forget those sunglasses! If it’s a nice day, outdoor seating is always more fun.

Curated by Rachel Combs // Layout by Micaela Hoo

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Imaginary Outfits: Beach Day

Hello there! Rachel of Mousevox again with another Imaginary Outfit for you, dear Drifter & the Gypsy Readers!

imaginary outfits: beach day - drifter and the gypsy blog
ilana kohn roxey tank via ethica // oversized intarsia cardigan via scotch & soda // kelly brook red polka dot open back swimsuit via new look // j brand loved worn cut off shorts via intermix // ultimate uv defense spf 30 via skinseuticals // yard croquet sandal via modcloth // rip curl far away beach tote via swell // pendleton tamiami trail robe blanket via zappos

With summer in full swing, I’ve got thoughts of backyard BBQ’s dancing through my head and beach day planning in the mix. It’s time to get outside & have some good old-fashioned American fun.

With the good fortune of being coastal, it has become a tradition in my circle of friends and family to spend our summer days at the beach. During the day, the boys surf while the girls play in the sand and lounge around, followed by sharing a meal at someone’s home. Being in the San Francisco Bay Area, we aren’t always guaranteed to have a warm & sunny beach day, so I’m always equipped with a warm blanket & cozy sweater in case the fog decides to roll in. This doesn’t mean I’ll ever skip out on the sunscreen though!

Pieces like a simple cotton tank & denim cut-offs can easily transition from the beach to beyond and sandals that easily slip on and off are a must. Every so often, we will be treated with a beach day that is warm & sunny enough to hang out in your bathing suit, so it’s always nice to have one on just in case.

What’s included in YOUR ideal beach day?

Curated by Rachel Combs // Layout by Micaela Hoo

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Imaginary Outfits: Summer Solstice

Hello Drifter & the Gypsy Readers! Rachel of Mousevox here with my first Imaginary Outfits post. I’m thrilled to be a regular guest contributor on Micaela’s beautiful blog & I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to share with you here.

imaginary outfits: summer solstice - drifter and the gypsy blog

The Summer Solstice is a favorite time of year for me. The longest day of the year signifies the transition of seasons from spring to summer, beckoning for warmer days ahead and golden-lit evenings for those of us in Northern Hemisphere. This year, I’ll be celebrating the sun reaching its highest position with a trip to Northern California’s Sierra Foothills to explore Gold Country.

For my upcoming adventures, I’ll be packing a similar assortment of wears for milling about in my mountain surroundings – an easy cotton sundress and sandals, paired with fun accessories and a market bag for filling up with trinkets and treasures discovered along the way.

ace and jig surf dress via les nouvelles
saltwater sandals via modcloth
farmer’s market bag from chic origins on etsy
rose quartz crystal from crystal energy canada on etsy
evoke the spirit night necklace via mira mira
sun hat from luxury divas on
tory burch peggy sunglasses
photograph by david hunter

Curated by Rachel Combs // Layout by Micaela Hoo

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Imaginary Outfits: Dinner with Edna

imaginary outfits: dinner with edna st mincent millay - drifter and the gypsy blog

Hello loves — today brings us to the last installment of the Millay Vintage-curated Imaginary Outfits. It’s been so fun putting these together and we’re ever-so-glad Micaela asked me to contribute!

It seemed fitting to end with an inspiration near-and-dear to my heart. You know that infamous question, “If you could have dinner with anyone—dead or alive—who would it be?” I finally have an answer to that ubiquitous query: my shop’s muse and one of my personal heroes in American history, poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.

In 1912 at the young age of 19, she read aloud her premiere poem, “Renascence” (not including the many she wrote and won awards for as a child) at Whitehall Inn, prompting literary acclaim and a full-ride to Vassar college.

So, if I could travel back in time? It would be to that cozy Inn to hear her first reading, to experience the moment, and to take her out for drinks afterwards—where I’d like to think we’d become the best of friends. Although this may be an early 1900s ensemble, you bet I wouldn’t hesitate to wear this today!

So I’m turning the tables onto you: If YOU could have dinner with anyone — who would it be? And, just as curiously, what would you wear? I’m dying to know!


edwardian blouse via metropolitan museum of art
concetta’s closet edwardian skirt
edwardian heels via pinterest
efinegifts millinery flowers
photo of edna via encyclopedia of world biography


Pssst: I hope you all will keep in touch! You can find me blogging here and Instagramming here.

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Imaginary Outfits: Summer Wedding Soiree

imaginary outfits: summer wedding soiree - drifter and the gypsy

Hi friends, it’s Mary again - shopkeeper of Millay Vintage - here to bring you my fifth installment of this fun Imaginary Outfits collaboration.

After RSVPing to my fourth wedding invitation for this summer already, I realized, as a twenty-something, these seasonal fêtes have become part of the regular summer programming. And thus lots of you twenty – and thirty – somethings just might benefit from the checklist I use when wrangling my summer wedding event wardrobe. Here are my DOs and DON’Ts:

* Pick something unique : Avoid the big-box go-tos — Anthropologie, J. Crew, Madewell — and invest in a vintage frock instead. Vintage will always ensure that no one else will be your twin that night.
* Avoid strapless dresses. Trust me. They can be very pretty and very flattering, yes, but with open bars and good music at most weddings, let yourself have some fun and bypass the whole having-to-pull-your-dress-back-up-all-night tirade. And while you’re at it, pick some comfy, lower to mid-heel shoes. Your feet will thank you.
* Stay away from dresses that are too traditionally formal (unless its a black tie affair I suppose). Stretch your dollar its furthest by investing in a piece that translates beyond wedding events — pick a dress you’ll want to wear on date nights, dinner with the girls, or whatever else you find filling your social calendar.
* Keep it simple. Simple jewelry, a neutral tote, and a neutral lip will not only keep you looking natural and lovely, but will allow you to re-purpose your accessories with nearly any other outfit.

So there you have it, my go-to rules for special events (and just a little hint, these are basically my go-to rules for any outfit). What about you guys, are there any guidelines you stick to when investing in pieces and dressing yourself for weddings and more?

vintage dress (via free people)
another feather necklace
terrain bracelet
nyx lipstick (via nasty gal)
maryam nassir zadeh palma heels (via mille)
clare v. bag (via steven alan)

Mary (Imaginary Outfits contributor)

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Imaginary Outfits: On the Road

on the road - drifter and the gypsy blog

Warm weather is beckoning us to roll down our car windows, and I know I am certainly daydreaming of a grand road trip up the East Coast and into Canada. Imagine all the scenic stops! Imagine pitching tents and all the sunrises and all the eats! Now, I’ve been camping and on the road enough to know it ain’t all roses (and it can get flat out old fast), but there is nothing like seeing how little you can live on while taking on the wide open world before you for adventures planned and unplanned. Talk about a metaphor for this thing we call life, right?

I know I’m not alone, since Jack Kerouac pounded out an entire book about this great American road trip concept (and thereby created an anthem about finding oneself for the “lost” Beat generation) — so I got to thinking… what should one wear when traipsing along the backroads and highways of towns big and small? Well, here is my round-up.

And if you can’t take a road trip, you can at least read the book (which I recommend ten-times over the movie, by the way). What about you guys? Are you fond of road trips? What are your must haves in travel? And do tell, is Kerouac’s On the Road a favorite of yours or not so much?


- Top / Hackwith Design
- Jeans / Imogene + Willie
- Scarf / DEsilk
- Sunglasses / Anthropologie
- Necklace / Lauren Winter Co.
- Keychain / Shop Lawrence
- Sandals / Nordstrom
- Tote / Everlane

Mary (Imaginary Outfits contributor)

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Imaginary Outfits: For the Festival

This past weekend put festivals on the mind — between the beautiful sunny and warm weather and the first weekend kick-off of Coachella, I found myself turning the music up a bit louder and dusting off the spring and summer garments. While there are plenty of great Coachella style tips out there, I thought “why not put together one option that doesn’t resort to denim cutoffs”? Because one can certainly where some cutoffs and Converse high-tops with style (and in truth, I love me the latter — my Chucks are well worn and loved), but they aren’t the *only* option.

imaginary outfits: for the festival

When it comes to music festivals, I like to be in comfy shoes and clothes that breathe — so flat sandals and a flowy dress make perfect sense to me. I want to feel that breeze while I eat my funnel cakes and sway to my favorite bands. And most of all, I want outfit pieces that can double up throughout the year for occasions outside the music festival variety. So here’s a winning combo, don’t you think?

When all else fails, go simple and stack on some rings and bracelets and you’ll be set.

dress: two new york, ring: shari dixon, stacking rings: vrai & oro, sunglasses: oliver peoples, bag: jujumade, bracelet: jo handbags, shoes: pieces

Mary (Imaginary Outfits contributor)

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