Career day – February

How’ve you guys been liking the Career Day features? I hope the answer is a resounding yes because…

Boy do I have a real exciting one for you this month: Dr. Florian Kaps, creator and owner of The Impossible Project!

career day: florian kaps - drifter and the gypsy blog

Florian Kaps hails from Vienna and is pretty much responsible for saving Polaroid film (no big deal).

He set everything in motion in order to prevent the last intact Polaroid production plant (in Enschede, The Netherlands) and to invent a new analog instant film together with a team of former Polaroid employees. What seemed to be an impossible project in the beginning (hence, The Impossible Project), is now the hub for all aspects of analog instant photography in the 21st century.

Alrighty folks. That’s a little background about Florian and The Impossible Project. Now it’s YOUR turn! Send allll your questions (don’t worry; they’ll all be completely anonymous) for Florian to answer over at

Florian will be here next Tuesday, February 26th to answer your questions and talk more about his work, his life, and anything else you want to know!

Psst if you’re new to Career Day, pop over here to view the archives and learn just how this feature works!

    5 responses to “Career day – February”

    1. Genna says:

      Awesome! I’ve got to start brainstorming questions.

    2. sharon says:

      micaela, holy mother of flippers! you are the coolest girl to be hosting him on career day. can we be friends?! (ps. i’ve been girl crushing your blog since my junior year of hs…)

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    4. […] really excited for this particular Career Day feature. As I mentioned last week, this month’s guest speaker is Dr. Florian Kaps, founder and owner of The Impossible Project. […]

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